Our Quality Policy forms the framework for the development and implementation of our key business objectives.

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CIS Security Ltd provides security services to protect people and properties for a wide range of clients in all types of business. The Company places particular emphasis on expertise, dependability, safety and service quality in providing these services.

The objectives of the business are to provide security services that conform to the contract specification agreed with its clients, and to the regulations of all applicable authorities. To achieve these objectives it is the policy of CIS Security to maintain an effective Integrated Management System that delivers a quality service covering all aspects of its contract guarding operations. The policies governing its operations are set out in the Company Integrated Management System Manual.

The determination of operational conformity to contractual requirements is made on the basis of objective evidence provided through the processes defined within the Integrated Management System Manual supported by our operation procedures.

CIS Security recognises that the quality of its services depends on the everyday action of all those in its employment, and will ensure that management, supervision and operative personnel are fully conversant with the Company’s objectives, as well as its procedures, through a training and education programme for employees at all levels within the Company.

The Management System of CIS Security is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Its aim will be to achieve and maintain certification under this international standard as an individual firm of assessed capability. All employees of CIS Security comply with these requirements, including all requirements covering health and safety, and legal and regulatory.

The Integrated Management System procedures are mandatory and all Company employees must comply with the documented procedures. No deviations or alternatives are permitted without prior authorisation from the Managing Director.

CIS Security’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated by achieving ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems accreditation. The Company’s environmental management system focuses on identifying, assessing, and controlling our aspects and impacts that may affect the environment. Our aim is to ensure that all stakeholders are fully aware of their environmental responsibilities by providing environment awareness training and various communications such as information bulletins, newsletters and the Company website.

CIS Security is compliant to Health and Safety legislation, policies and procedures. Adherence to regulations is managed and monitored by the OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety Management System accreditation. This management system has identified key performance indicators which are monitored through established senior management systems. All stakeholders are fully aware of their responsibility for the health and safety of others by providing Health and Safety training and continuous communication such as newsletters, information bulletins, the Company website and information forums.

CIS Security’s Quality Policy forms the framework for the development and implementation of its key business objectives. Objectives shall be based on the strategic aims of the Company; they shall be measurable, achievable, realistic, and measured against the Company’s targets to achieve customer satisfaction.

This policy is communicated by management, and is understood and implemented by all employees throughout the Company.




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