Following the assistance Carl Palmer provided to the Volunteer Centre on Christmas Day 2012, he continues to support the local charity CCTV (Christmas Cracker & Trip Venue).

Tommo, head volunteer for CCTV, organises trips for the elderly and unemployed around the UK who don’t have many chances to travel outside their home due to low income or mobility problems.

CIS Security got involved in helping CCTV with its trip to Brighton in July. Four volunteers from Head Office – Lucy Palmer from Sales and Marketing, Alexandra Smith from HR and Lucinda Connor and Vanessa Jayasekaran from Finance – helped out on the day.

The trip was very successful, the highlight being able to see all the smiles, particularly on the elderly’s faces as they tucked into their fish and chips – something they do not get to do often – making the day very rewarding for all who helped out.

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