Update from Carl:

31st January 2017

PHEW!!!… This year all Clipper 70s will be supplied with AIS Beacons as part of the boat’s standard issue safety equipment on board.

“I am very reassured by this announcement. It means that in the event of a Man Overboard incident (yes, my biggest fear for my trip!), it will be easier to find and track the individual in that cold, cold water. Brrrr.

The Clipper News also announced some very exciting new race features which should make the race even more fun and competitive. Examples include the Joker feature, which, when played, allows the team to double their points from that race. The Ocean Sprint feature rewards teams for pushing hard between two lines of longitude and latitude with additional bonus points, and the Stealth mode, which is a bit like donning an invisibility cloak so that our team’s position is concealed from the rest of the fleet and followers, although this can only be activated once or twice in a race.

I’m undertaking my healthy eating and fitness in earnest now in readiness for my next training stint in February – Check back for more updates soon.

I’m delighted to see my fundraising total on Just Giving creeping up steadily – If you haven’t already donated, please do here“:

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Update from Carl:

8th November, 2016

“We have raised £3,810 to date! I’m absolutely thrilled with this great start after contacting some of my nearest and dearest for some initial support to kick off my fundraising campaign. Every penny raised will go to the London Air Ambulance Charity which is so close to my heart. I’m starting to get really excited about the trip and I will have more training soon so I’ll keep you all updated on that. In the mean time, here is some information on where your donations go, which shows how important all of your support is for saving lives in London:

£1,600 is what is needed to get the helicopter and crew out on a mission, and the LAA only get called to the most serious of incidents, real life and death situations.

Can you spare this amount of cash? It is a lot of money to many and not such a big deal to some, but you will be giving a gift worth a lot more than a meal in a top London restaurant, and which is a million times better than a diamond encrusted watch. Here are some other example of costs you might be interested in helping with:

£105 – would cover the cost of a pair of boots for a Paramedic with safety toe caps and anti-penetration sole, helping to keep the crew safe from injury during a mission

£400 – could buy a Thomas Pack, which carries all the equipment and drugs needed by the London’s Air Ambulance Advanced Trauma Team

£3500 – would help buy several trips worth of Helicopter Fuel, which is vital for getting into the air!

We never know what is around the corner. If we ever need the LAA, they can be there for us only by raising £1,500 for each mission from the public. This charity is completely reliant on the generosity of people like you. We are grateful for anything you can give.

Thanks you again to those who have already given their support”

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Why the Clipper Race?

“After building up my security business to a point of relative self-sufficiency, I found headspace ready to be occupied with a new challenge.

Originally, I applied to take on two legs of the Clipper Round the World Race before realising I couldn’t walk away, I needed to do the whole race to avoid the dreaded “fear of missing out”.

My sailing experience isn’t vast, but I did do some dingy boat sailing in my youth reaching national and international levels of competition. The Clipper training has been a whole new experience. Everything is so much bigger and more serious on a 70ft sailing boat. The crew is a huge part of the experience too and I have already met some fascinating people while training.

My greatest challenge will be, I think, getting along with all of the other different personalities on board. My greatest fear, I know, is falling overboard!”

Carl is using his trip to raise funds and awareness for London’s Air Ambulance.

Every time that red helicopter goes out to save a life, £1,500 is needed to cover costs. Can you fund the cost of a flight or maybe a contribution to the petrol? Click the above link to donate using my Just Giving Page.

Training Update: Here are some snaps from my first training session. I can’t wait to get back on a Clipper boat again!

Photo credits to Artemis Petridi



Carl Palmer Executive Chairman of CIS Security is embarking on a 10 month Clipper sailing boat race to raise funds for London’s Air Ambulance:

In August 2017 I’m embarking on the adventure of my life. I’m sailing 40,000 miles – circumnavigating the planet – as a crew member on one of Clipper’s 70-foot yachts. As well as being the race of a lifetime, it is an opportunity for me to raise funds and awareness for London’s Air Ambulance, a charity which delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work and travel within the M25.

My blog’s designed to provide you with insights from my race – before, during, and after. I am funding the trip myself, but will be running a number of events you can get involved with to raise funds for the London’s Air Ambulance.

Every time that red helicopter goes out to save a life, £1,500 is needed to cover costs. Can you fund the cost of a flight or maybe a contribution to the petrol? Click below to donate using my Just Giving Page

Click here for Carl Palmer’s JUST GIVING page – donate NOW!