CIS Security are acutely aware of the increasing importance of intelligence communications to our customers. Not only do our customers want information, they want the information that is relevant to them and their businesses and they want it fast. After a long search for the person with the required level of credentials. We are delighted that Nikki Boakye has joined us as Intelligence Communications Officer to assist CIS in delivering these specialist services from CIS.

Networking and Know-How

Nikki brings new approaches and ideas to an already talented CIS intel team as well as excellent network links and contacts. CIS boasts an unmatched position in terms of an intel network, ensuring we are first with information about live incidents and upcoming events. Nikki says: “I have wasted no time in immersing myself into CIS’s Intel gathering and networking strategy. I’ve already gathered and disseminated a significant number of exclusive intelligence insights for our Corporate, Education and Cultural sector customers that have helped them and their organisations to create action plans and mitigate risks.”

Skills and Experience

CIS are continually evolving our communication and curation process to filter updates so they are tailored for our customers. Nikki recognises that different sectors need different messages and with the “information diluge” facing most professionals in today’s digital workplace, being selective with information updates is essential. “I’ve worked with the City of London Police, Local Authority and also with corporate professionals so I know time is precious and information needs to be relevant and bitesize where possible. My methods include efficient alert setups and geographical mapping, striving to always deliver intelligence that is correctly targeted for our customers”, says Nikki.

Speed and Efficiency

“CIS have an Incident communication model which has a reputation for matching national press in terms of communication speed, ensuring our clients get important messages about critical incidents, even if they are not monitoring the news. Critical incident messages don’t stop out of hours either. I am working closely with the CIS tech team and 24 hour Control Centre at CIS to get relevant messages out when they are needed and to give clients the training and tools they need to be ready for anything which might impact their business or organisation.”

CIS Security and CIS Front of House customers are automatically included in our communication database which delivers fast, verified and actionable insights to help your organisation anticipate and plan for operational challenges.


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