Terror Attacks are not easily forgotten, but as time passes since the last Terrorist Attack or major incident, a level of complacency can start to creep in. The threat level remains at SEVERE, meaning we should be as alert as ever when it comes to identifying and acting upon suspicious packages, abandoned bags and out of the ordinary behaviour.

When awareness diminishes we can potentially become more vulnerable to attack. It’s not just terrorism we need to be alert for. Criminal opportunities, unauthorised persons and vehicles all pose a risk. By ensuring that we operate security in a way that is sensitive to ALL risks and threats, making sure policies and procedures and up to date and well-rehearsed, we will place ourselves in a better state of readiness.

Do not let your awareness fall and to maintain a high standard of professionalism when carrying out security procedures and tasks.  Understand what is normal behaviour for your workplace,  anything that varies, changes or raises suspicions requires closer scrutiny.

Don’t ignore it, report it.

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