CIS Annual Awards 2021

Matthew Crooks Matthew Crooks Tuesday, 7 Dec 2021

Our Annual Awards is a chance to honour talent within CIS, we hosted our last grand gala-night on November 19th and what an amazing night it was! So many happy faces and a lot of cheerful laughs. At CIS we have great pride in recognising and awarding the fantastic talent that harbours within our numerous teams.

November 2021 has given us the opportunity to look back on an exceptional year. Although we are in a time of uncertainty with COVID in our midst, CIS employees still display exceptional work ethic and carry out their duties in a highly professional manner. This year has been no exception as we have witnessed; superb teamwork, amazing leadership and outstanding customer service just to name a few! We are proud of our heroes for continuing to keep CIS to a forever growing high standard! We hope to do it all again next year even bigger and better.

What does this night look like you ask? Please see the video below to watch the magic!