CIS Armed Forces Community Forum

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021

At CIS we are known for offering integrate security that safeguard people, assets and buildings. For shaping the latest solutions that redefine security. And for applying the highest standards of quality.

These are the same strengths many of our people applied in their military career before joining CIS. Being a proud supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant, our commitment is to make the transitioning from military to civilian life an easy and smooth process. The CIS Armed Community Forum can help ex members of the Armed Forces with resources and contacts available to the ex-Armed Forces members in our ranks.

They also find lots of success stories from veterans who have transitioned into CIS before. It’s our mission that veterans receive the care, support and recognition earned in service to our country. In addition, we promote the participation of ex members of the Armed Forces in security careers by sustaining pathways that build on their military experience and training and by supporting their development within the industry. A combination of champions is there to support veterans across the country.

The veterans in the CIS ranks have the opportunity to join a world-class forum that makes a difference by inspiring peers and providing outstanding support.

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Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash