Our brand-new branding

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019

The security industry is changing fast and it’s bound to include an increasingly diverse workforce. This will inevitably influence the way we position on the market in terms of branding and messaging, and we believe this organic evolution should be reflected in the very way people perceive us from the outside. 

Being a security company primarily means providing operational efficiency, serving as a trustworthy and reliable partner and delivering what has been promised. However, this shouldn’t exclude the most exterior side of our position on the market: our branding. 

We have developed our re-branding with the aim of framing how we want to be thought of. Our new website, launched earlier this year, our new colour palette and our new approach to storytelling have been crafted to visualise the perfect combination of efficiency, innovation and reliability. We put our focus on redesigning and restructuring our online and offline presence in a bid to ensure a dynamic and cooler outlook on the market we operate into. Colour-wise, we’ve stayed faithful to blue, our traditional colour, to convey the ideas of depth and stability, and we replaced the yellow with a more muted golden hue. Our design has got more minimal for a more immediate and catchier impact. 

Our “cosmetic” operation has been built around our mission to be recognised as a leader in security excellence in all aspects of its business operations. We are keen to connect on a personal level with the people we work with and for and to provide clarity. Firmly believing that communication is key, we are true ambassadors of our people and we want to articulate our real value for anyone engaging with us. This new approach is spread across all our assets and we are excited to embark on a journey to bring about innovations in this area as well.