Inspiring Citizenship

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Tuesday, 9 Mar 2021

The goal of CIS Citizenship has been to cultivate positive attitudes and behaviours, particularly fostering a culture of employee engagement across the business. It aims at reinforcing our company commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and dignity in the workplace, whilst bringing people together with trust, respect and a sense of belonging.

At CIS we understand how important it is to develop a strong employee engagement culture, driving forward the benefits of an outward mindset amongst all our teams and not to work in silo.

Employee engagement is crucial for adopting a healthy working environment.  Engaged staff make better decisions, contribute more and are motivated by the results that they have helped to achieve. 

CIS Citizenship is an employee community programme centred around personal development, continuous conversation, focus groups and recognition. Whether this is in the workplace or outside community activities, treating people better enhances personal and business results.

Our Citizenship Initiatives: 

To help our people achieve the excellent standards expected, we will consistently support them on their career pathway at CIS.