Earth Day 2020 - Leading the way

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Wednesday, 22 Apr 2020

We constantly strive to share information, test ideas and review results to use energy more efficiently. 

Over the years, we have saved thousands of pounds from reduced energy bills, proven the feasibility of efficiency renovations and helped to create an infrastructure for clean alternative fuels.  

The big issues of today and the future, such as climate change, indicate that our current transport systems and practices are not viable in the longer term. Transport plays a key role in promoting sustainable behaviours, and therefore sustainable transport offers the chance to make a real difference both in terms of impact reduction and efficiency savings.

A big step towards this was taken last year when we changed a considerable number of our fleet cars to plug-in hybrid models in order to reduce the amount of emissions we contribute to the environment. Alongside the environmental benefits, by having hybrid vehicles, we are able to make savings too, such as reduced vehicle road tax, congestion charge exemption and ultimately a reduction in the amount of fuel we purchase every year. 

To achieve this, we have purchased electric charging points that have been installed at the front of the building and are also scheduled to be installed in the rear park. These points will allow our hybrid vehicles to charge when not in use. As it is important that our Mobile Patrol fleet are continually ready for service, we have had to update our head office car parking policy to ensure our patrol fleet are given priority at any given time. 

We are always looking to ensure that we are meeting our commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint, evaluating new technologies, implementing efficiency renovations and acquiring energy from clean renewable sources – all in an effort to make our operations an example of maximised efficiency that everyone can follow.