Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 | Our Commitment

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Wednesday, 20 May 2020

During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, everyone is facing obvious and unique mental challenges caused by a worldwide lockdown, a profound shift in our habits and a different conception of activities and things we used to take for granted, like the notions of body and physical space. 

Mental health and wellbeing are a vital component of our wider commitment to improving the health and safety of all people working at CIS. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy addresses mental health issues, centred on each and every one of our people. There is no question that we need to take action to ensure our people are fit to work and supported throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

At CIS we are committed to improving the mental health of our people. We have a solid and sustainable structure in place to ensure our employees benefit from a mentally healthy workplace. Since the start of the pandemic, we have extended our health scheme to ALL our employees with no distinction: this includes psychological consultancy and support from CIS where needed. We have a strong team of HR Relationship Managers ready to address any issue that might have been made more serious by the current global situation. Our Teams are receiving training via cutting-edge technical methods, specifically adapted to face this unprecedented challenge. 

Moreover, our Communications Teams are being heavily involved in creating engagement and connection across our 1800+ workforce.  This results in exciting social media campaigns, toolbox talks like our Wellbeing Encouragement Pack you can find here and virtual conversations that involve many people from a wide range of sites. 

Our commitment to all our people at CIS in these trying times: you are not alone





Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash