Mental Health Day 2019 | Our focus

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Thursday, 10 Oct 2019

As populations change and communities become increasingly diversified, it is even more important for companies to create and implement equity and inclusion frameworks that recognise and respond appropriately to these shifts. At CIS equity principles are valued and practiced to meet new and emerging trends and challenges. CIS devised a cutting-edge training offering, called FLEXFocused Learning Education & EXperiences, which has been incorporated into the DNA of this evolving scenario. 

Fully aware that diversity is a fact and that inclusion is a choice, over the years CIS have developed FLEX with the aim of overriding differences of race, gender, class, religion, mental health and sexual orientation. For equity, diversity and inclusion training practices to be effective, CIS focus on conveying teachings through education, reflection and information-sharing at all levels. 

Furthermore, increasing attention is being given to the benefits of promoting mental health and fighting against any form of radicalisation and slavery. The determinants of mental health and social inclusion extend well beyond their traditional boundaries. For this reason, CIS actively engage in the promotion and education on these topics as an integral part of its training and development programme. 

As the name suggests, one of the main strengths of FLEX is its flexibility; CIS Trainers visit clients’ premises on a regular basis to get a feel of the site, the area and therefore develop a training strategy suitable to that particular environment. 

Whilst technical skills are naturally a crucial part of any security-related job, the importance of soft skills shouldn’t be overlooked. Qualities like collaboration, cooperation and listening are encouraged to better identify potential issues and prevent them. CIS Training put great focus on how to be good communicators and how to defuse any situation that may arise in a diplomatic manner. 

Additionally with FLEX, CIS supports its people to develop their competences in understanding vulnerability. Participants are shown and taught a positive and proactive approach aimed at identifying factors that make people vulnerable and at establishing true connections with people in need, such as individuals victim of predatory behaviour, sexual exploitation, domestic violence or that have been lured into radicalisation. 

CIS’ knowledgeable Trainers have achieved nationally-recognised teaching qualifications and with their security backgrounds, not only do they have the right skillset to deliver excellent training outcomes, but they also have strong mental and emotional composure to stand as proper mentors to their trainees.  A company’s success and competitiveness depend upon its ability to embrace diversity and deal with factors impacting an individual’s wellbeing in a sensitive and professional manner.

This is our core objective with FLEX.