National Customer Service Week 2020 | What true leadership means

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Thursday, 8 Oct 2020

An exceptional customer experience is designed to meet and deliver on customer expectations at every interaction.

At CIS Front of House, it is our people and their actions that create the difference; by engaging visitors emotionally, they deliver a memorable experience. Smooth processes and operations are naturally part of the equation, but in order to stand out, CIS Receptionists make real and personalised connections with visitors.

Our truly differentiated customer experience is based on the energy and dedication of Senior Leaders that set the direction to follow. Kieron Nunney, CIS Account Director (pictured in the cover photo) and Jose Saez, CIS Front of House Account Manager, have the experience and expertise to engage the teams and empower them to build and execute an experience that is simply second to none.

Their model of leadership sets the example by enabling a positive and healthy workplace culture: empathy and recognition are crucial aspects of their managerial approach. Their key purpose is to make CIS Receptionists truly part of a team instead of cogs in a wheel.

They foster collaboration across all teams by recognising commitment, communicating in a transparent way, building relationships of trust and encouraging networks. Seminars, workshops, training opportunities, as well as days out and team building exercises have resulted into an environment of shared trust.

Talking about his role as Account Director, Kieron said:

During these uncertain times, it’s really important to ensure that we are there to support our teams, and it’s been refreshing to see everyone pulling together and continue to deliver exceptional standards of Customer Service. We continued to support our teams through virtual platforms and delivered training programmes remotely. We are now embracing National Customer Service week, and wish to thank our teams across the business for all of their hard work and dedication.

As the importance placed on customer care continues to increase, it is more important than ever as Front of House companies prepare for the future.