The HUB | More than a management system

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Monday, 8 Feb 2021

In a cloud world, data is no longer confined to piles of sheets or desktop files. Over the last few months, we have engineered a new workflow and incident management platform than also paves the way to automation and agility. 

By developing The Hub, we have developed and built a digital management system keeping operational performance, safety and asset availability at the core. The Hub acts as virtual command centre, when incidents occur or for more routine operations, enabling our employees, as well as our clients, to access a clear overview and rely on effective communication. 

This centralised management tool is defined by a real-time log of security analytics and data and agile internal and external communication. Data and contextual information from disparate sources are correlated and analysed for specific purposes, from incident management to staff appraisals, from security monitoring, to compliance reports. 

The Hub’s depth and flexibility of customisation will stand as a real asset for our clients, offering a wide variety of cloud-based control functions that will allow them to access bespoke data anytime, anywhere. 

Likewise, its fully integrated workflow capabilities enable CIS people to access a range of tools and assets, from operations to marketing, keeping them in the loop of everything CIS. By empowering every employee with instant access to relevant business data, The Hub will primarily enable them to achieve outstanding performances in an effortless way. 

On top of it, our constantly reviewed cybersecurity accreditation, Cyber Essentials Plus, ensures our infrastructures are solid and secure from any external threat.