What being part of the City Security Council means

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Friday, 29 Jan 2021

Partnerships between private and public security offer a number of benefits to both sides including a wider range of problem-solving solutions, increased training opportunities, information and data sharing and reduced recovery time following disasters. 

CIS has been at the forefront of a partnership between private security and law enforcement: the City Security Council, originally established as a collective of premier security companies with the common objective to provide collaboration and support to the City of London Police. 

Since its inception in 2018, the CSC has expanded its outreach outside London. Its strategy today aims to ensure the highest levels of Detection, Prevention, Deterrence and Response at a nationwide support. The CSC is undergoing major investments today in operations, communication, training and technology. The unified approach from some of the leading security companies in the UK is what sets this partnership apart. 

In November 2020, CIS Managing Director Neill Catton was appointed Chairman of the City Security Council, taking over David Ward, previous Chairman since 2018. Neill’s objective is to boost the awareness of the CSC and drive innovation forward. With a strong operational backbone and the commitment of its stakeholders, the City Security Council will stand as a powerful and resourceful network to ensure prevention and response.