Women in Security - Meet Ana!

Erica Boiano Erica Boiano Friday, 10 May 2019

How did you first approach this industry and why?


I have been working in security since 2012 and I have no intention to leave this industry any time soon!

Before that, I used to work in catering, but I would find it dull at times and I would feel like something was missing in my professional life. I was up for a change and, being a people person, I wanted to find a career that could embrace my positive and outgoing personality.

So, one day, as I was working in catering during a festival on the Isle of Wight, I realised that security could be the right fit for me. I remember I would ask so many questions to the Security Officers working with me on that occasion– how would I become one myself? What kind of training would I need? And so on – and the more I was learning about that profession, the more I wanted to get involved and put myself up for a change. I am now a Security Officer and I love it!


How has your experience been so far?


I first applied for a CCTV Licence but with time I preferred focussing on different aspects of the role and today I’m a proud Door Supervision Licence holder. This allows me to cover a more varied range of duties which is what I ultimately want from my professional career.

At the beginning I would work mainly during events (a really good experience for me was working at the Chelsea Flower Show), but after some time I moved onto corporate security. Today I’m thoroughly enjoying being a Security Officer in the education sector.



Is there anything about being a Security Officer that you particularly love?


Absolutely! What I like about my job is the possibility to be close to people and protect them and help them when necessary. By doing so, you end up establishing a warm relationship with the people you see on a daily basis. I love working in education because I’m not experiencing the levels of stress and pressure I would be under when I used to work in a corporate environment.

Students are more laid back and eager to create bonds with those people they see in their everyday lives, whilst progressing with their studies and the human side of a job is something I deeply care about. So, for me being a Security Officer and having the chance to work in such a positive environment are a win-win scenario!



Have you ever experiences downsides or prejudices whilst performing your duties?


At first, I would get some involuntary sexist comments, especially when I used to do events. Things like people asking for my phone number or showing surprise when they would see a woman working in security.

However, I’d like to emphasise that I’ve never found myself in uncomfortable situations with my male colleagues. I have been working in security for many years now and I’ve witnessed myself a gradual shift: more and more women I know are approaching this career and the stereotype of the unfriendly male Security Officer is fading away. From what I can see this profession is changing, not only in terms of the requirements needed, which are expanding and encompass digital knowledge as well as people skills, but also from a gender point of view and from the added value a woman can naturally bring to the role.


Is there anything you would like to say to any woman looking for a change in their professional career?


If you are a friendly person and keen to help the others, if you would like to acquire a broad range of skills and attend a variety of courses and expand your knowledge, then working in Security can be a good opportunity for you. It’s been many years for me now and I’m enjoying every moment of it. As the saying goes, choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Well, in my case, I did try something new to make the most of my natural skills and I can proudly say that I’ve loved it and still do!